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Solution for wholesale distribution

Wholesale is a fairly common form with characteristics of selling in large quantities, often incurring debts. With Vtex Viet, the manager has a generalized view but also very profound about the business situation to maximize the potential of the market, minimizing costs and risks of inventory and payment.

Outstanding advantages

Minimal cost, increase profits

Vtex Viet provides a comprehensive, unified, integrated solution from ordering – delivery – after-sales care to record and transfer the best orders. Thus, the distributor attracts the largest number of customers through free delivery service, which still saves costs and has competitive prices in the market.

Attract customers through e-commerce
Traditional distribution models are changing rapidly. Customers can look up product information via website or smart mobile devices. Online shopping is increasingly attractive to consumers because of its convenience and ease of implementation. With the ability to connect websites, allow online sales, Vtex Viet accompanies the development of businesses, meeting the highest customer demand.

Quickly increase the turnover speed of goods

Concentrated data, a system of reports analyzing the consumption situation, inventory volume helps distributors have a strategy of stockpiling inventories, coordinating appropriate goods. As a result, rapid increase in capital turnover and financial risk reduction due to stagnant goods for businesses.

Reduce payment risk

In order to have a more flexible payment policy for customers, wholesale distributors often apply a sell-off method, allowing for credit. This means that suppliers are facing capital appropriation, the risk of bad debt, and high bad debts. With debt management tools, Vtex Viet assists the accounting department to make timely debt recovery and payment plans, ensuring the solvency for businesses.


• Manage orders

With Vtex Viet, businesses can fully utilize the sales channels, strictly manage customers’ orders from the reception and have the most appropriate order coordination policy.

  • Receiving orders: By connecting online, integrating sales on the web, the sales department can record orders anywhere through many different channels: website, phone, face-to-face meetings, … Data Will the system push itself to the dispatching department to implement its next processing step?
  • Coordinate and process orders: Coordination department handles content, orders classification. Combined with the inventory check, the product customers order will be delivered at the nearest, fastest location. In addition, an SMS message automatically sends an order status notification that makes customers feel secure and satisfied beyond their expectations. Businesses well implement customer care issues and maximize transportation costs, contributing to increase profits.

• Inventory management

Inventory data is updated real-time, export-import reports exist automatically, can be accessed at any time on Vtex Viet sales software. Combined with cyclical goods management, maximized / minus, price and marketing policies are always applied in a timely manner, avoiding the situation of goods being reduced in value causing losses to businesses. In addition, the intelligent all-out warning system automatically reminds the warehouse department to plan to import goods, ensuring the supply of goods for customers. Administrators can also compare the number of inputs and outputs to understand the market’s consumption trends in order to achieve a reasonable business strategy.

• Managing batch / date

By tracking and analyzing inventory in lots of dates, businesses reduce the cost of storing, preserving, or implementing promotion for Date proximity. Thereby, limiting losses must be borne from the liquidation of finished products.

• Debt control

Debt can be tracked, debt reconciliation is sent to customers or suppliers whenever required. The system automatically warns debts that come and overdue, has automatic lock mode that does not allow sales beyond the limit to avoid bad debts or capital appropriation.

• Price management

With wholesale, the price policy is flexible for customers. Vtex Viet software allows setting up different price lists for those individual objects. Salespeople are freed a lot when they don’t need to remember or lose time searching on a long price list. The manager is also completely assured that customers are entitled to the right preferential price policy set by the company when limiting the right to correct the price of their employees.

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