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Zebra algorithm of Google

I. Overview of Zebra algorithm

The advent of the zebra algorithm focuses heavily on Google’s special social networks, Goolge Plus.

Zebra algorithm and how to fix it

ZEBRA algorithm has been suggested by Matt Cutts in March 2013 but has not yet been officially announced, this boss is very open-minded this way. So people predict it is real.

After 2 algorithms Google Panda and Google Penguin have made crazy Vietnam SEO island. Now you all understand the influence and how to fix the above 2 algorithms, right? Google Panda aims to hit low-quality content while Google Penguin hits Google.

With the trend of Social SEO is getting more and more focused as well as abuse (especially Google+). So a new algorithm is launched and hitting the SEO Social array is also inevitable. Humingbird Algorithm – The zebra birth, so how to fix this algorithm of Google?

First, let’s take a look at the overview of these two lovely mascots: BEAR + BIRD + HORSE.

Thus we consider the ZEBRA Algorithm to be real because it is inevitable. So what will the ZEBRA algorithm do? Attack on where. Here are some warnings that Zebra’s algorithm looks at in SEO Social (focusing on Google+)

  1. Spam links on other people ‘s comments, Spam on the wrong category Group: Doing this nonsense will not have to wait for “humingbird” but only if the user report or your account is bad has been deleted and deducted points Your Google+ profile. Spam links on the Group will be automatically blocked. Stop now and always die.
  1. Share too many links on your Google+: Google+ has to be linked with taboo. If you continuously or only ever share the link, your account will be warned, and it will be difficult to exit. So build Google+ content in a flexible way: Share text, images, links dynamically.
  1. Impersonate Google+ account name: Impersonation or improper use of Google+ personal names are also heavily penalized. So make the right name and information with your Google+.
  1. Make friends indiscriminately: Having a good number of friends is good, but if you follow the numbers, you will kill yourself. Kill in information management. Kill more in friend interaction to increase credibility on Google+. So build it naturally, consider Google+ it’s just a place to socialize, make friends, grow together. Develop brand Author Rank to increase website credibility
  1. Spam Social Abuse Bookmarking: Spam on Social series is now meaningless, and sometimes it kills you. Stop and focus on the quality Social that you can develop (Google+, Facebook. Twiter, Pinterest). Social bookmarking can be for satellite websites that need index and boot.
  1. Underground numbers: Underground numbers are the quality points that Google+ gives you. If you go to spam, comment throwing links, post group bluff … just need a report action (report) or delete the admin then you will be deducted pretty strong points. And when you go to the bride, you will be followed 🙂

OK that. So in order to tame this “Humingbird”, you only need to do well on the above notes, aiming for a flexible Quality Social Profile and link sharing.

II. How to fix Zebra?

  1. Build a quality Google+ account for Authorship
  1. Flexible other Google+ accounts also have the same content flexibility for flexible manipulation.
  1. Join a flexible community, creating just enough Google+ communities to increase content quality and flexibility. Do not focus too much on the link because if you focus more on links, a site that gives too many links, the density of thick links is easily overlooked by Google.