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The best animation software

  1. Anime Studio Pro 8 – 2D animation software
    Anime Studio 8 is the perfect software for creating 2D cartoons, cartoons, anime characters, intro, anime and animated gif files. Personalize your desktop with anime characters and use it to produce short, long videos, etc. You can draw characters yourself, or use characters available in the library, or import from sources. certain images, sounds, subtitles …
    Anime Studio Pro 8 is a software to create perfect professional animations. With an intuitive interface and advanced features Anime Studio Pro 8 will speed up your work with great results.

Want to use this software you have to pay a trade fee of 199.99 USD, the installation version 440.68 MB is compatible with Windows 7/8.

Main feature :

Images are automatically interfered in Anime Studio Pro 8 – speed up production by automatically converting existing artworks and sketching fully editable vector drawings.
The built-in Character Wizard is ideal for anyone working on a concept or looking for a quick alternative to drawing and placing each character from the starting point.
Style Styles Rendering, you can change the whole animation to design custom designs with just a few settings.
Importing Photoshop with the help of speeding up the layers (layers).
Real Time Media Connection: Automatic connection to update photos, movies and audio files in your files, Anime Studio imports when editing in an external program, allowing you to make changes needed on “on the fly”.

Advantages :

The interface is not complicated, simple features, needs users with relative graphics knowledge.
Full instructions and help from production.
The program wizard quickly creates and customizes characters.
Quick support for uploading directly to Youtube.
Outputs with many formats including YouTube.
Great image search tool when converting raster to vector.
Defect :
Product price is still high.
The main backbone system still has to be crafted to create images that are too difficult.
The Sider on the Studio interface still suffers from minor errors and is only affected on Windows 7.
Conclusion: Anime Studio Pro 8 is an excellent animation software, but it is not yet the best software. Anime Studio is suitable for anyone who has a good idea of ​​creating a comic book and then making an animation. The price is still high compared to the standard of living of users in Vietnam, far from the distance to market to our country, few people can use this product.

2. Scratch 1.4 – Free and easy animation software

Scratch is a free programming tool that allows anyone to make animated movies, video games and interactive artworks. This product is aimed at young people who like comics and want to make funny animated films.

Scratch allows you to design characters that can dance, sing and interact with each other, with other simple actions. Scratch is basically a coding graphics programming language much easier than traditional programming languages. Create a script that involves capturing graphic blocks in a way you can put together puzzles.

Scratch does not require users to know a lot about programming. In contrast, it uses a simple graphical interface that allows “assembling” programs like puzzle games.

Main feature :

Create moving images and select mouse movement according to animated response
Relatively simple insert music clips and other sound effects.
Easily share on Web Scratch. You can embed other sites and Upload to Facebook.


Completely free. Easy to use and learn.
There are many different options.
Share on Web Scratch.
Full support for Vietnamese language.
Defect :

You take a lot of time to learn all the features.
Conclusion: According to our objective assessment. This is a tool for you to create like animated films. It supports both Vietnamese language so quickly helps you use more fluently.

3. Flip Boom Doodle: An interesting animation software

Flip Boom Doodle is an interesting animation software with fun drawing tools and a wide variety of designs available. Flip Boom Doodle helps you do all the steps to help you produce a creative product.

Flip Boom Doodle is full of tools for you to design yourself a movie or an animated movie. Needless to say, simply try and experience today.

$ 29 commercial price of Flip Boom Doodle, compatible with most Windows operating systems.

Main feature :

Drawing Tools (Drawing tools: Select, Brush, Eraser, Template tools), Adjustable line width (adjust line widths).
Coloring Tools: Color picker (choose colors), Bright color selection.
Editing Tools: Tools Cut / Copy / Paste, undo tool, add font editing tool.
Sharing Tools: Print drawings (print drawings), Save as movie (save as movies), Upload to iPod, Upload to YouTube, Share on Facebook.

Advantages :

Intuitive interface to create drawings and render animations.
The software is also available free of charge, you can apply for a license.
Defect :

Lack of control of background and texture. Further upgrade is required on the Flip Boom All Star.

3. Toon Boom Digital Pro: Designed to create professional animation

Toon Boom Digital Pro is only complete paperless animation software. Designed for the same professionals and freelancers Toon Boom Digital Pro offers high productivity with low operating costs. Based on our Emmy Award winning technology, Professional Digital Toon Boom combines unsurpassed vector technology for content creation, real-time animations and compositing stages, putting it all In a multi-plane 3D environment space.

Productivity tools like managing tables, sync-lip, morphing inverse kinematics and allowing users to unleash their creativity. Toon Boom Digital Pro comes with kick-start program to ensure successful integration and seamless studio, extensive training materials and reliable customer support. Toon Boom Digital Pro is the tool of choice for different animation projects, from simple to most detailed, from digital to complete cut-out styles.

Main feature :

Designed for Paperless Animation: Based on more than a decade of animation production professionals, Toon Boom Digital Pro includes all the most advanced features used by leading firms around the world.
Perfect upgrade for Flash animation: Toon Boom Digital Pro brings users to a new level of creativity and productivity, thanks to true animation tools and field-proven work.
High productivity with low operating costs: Compared to current production jobs, Toon Boom Digital Pro significantly reduces operating costs with its integrated pipelines, leading-edge toolset and paperless manufacturing. . These savings can be realized whether the production is a short independent feature length or a movie project.
Animation support experts: Providing the best support in the industry, Toon Boom core animation brings custom kick start programs, professional consulting services and timely support of several languages. Support groups are experts in all animation styles and production jobs.

Advantages :

There are many resources and compositing effects.
A set of advanced tools.
Workflow and 3D space.
There are extensive instructions.
Defect :

Extremely expensive, at a commercial price of $ 799.
Download the trial installation here.

  • 5 Stickman 5.6: Making cartoons easy
    Stickman 5.6 new animation design software with beautiful and easy to use interface, is the place where you can control your cartoon character easily.

With this Stickman 5.6 software, you can create an animated movie, animated websites, funny animals, impressive games or music videos. Stickman includes Elemento setup tools, support to change data format to AVI or FLASH.
 Stickman 5.6 new animation software where you control cartoon characters like puppets, so easy, effective and fun to use that both children and adults use it. You can create cartoons, web animations, animations, game animations and music videos.
The software costs 10 USD, also quite cheap for a quality software.

Main feature :

Import into formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF, PSD (like Photoshop).
Make animations in Photoshop or GIMP.
Create infinite drawing images.
More vivid on the frames, the points are controlled.
Effects and appropriate deformation of buttons.
Use dynamic sound coupling.
Record audio.
Export to 9 popular video formats and Flash.
Put videos together.

Advantages :

Nice interface, basic features.
Includes providing documents that are always available.
There are video tutorials.
Defect :

Users have difficulty using it for the first time.
There are not many sharing options.