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What is Decal PP?

Concept of PP decal
Decal PP (also known as PP- Paper Plastic) is the name of a type of paper in the digital printing industry used for single-sided printing. The front is milky white, smooth and smooth; the back is coated with glue or no glue. After printing, it is mandatory to add a protective film (glossy or matte).

Characteristics of decal PP

  • Printing size: Decal PP has 4 sizes to choose from such as 91cm, 107cm, 127cm and 151cm, lengths from 30 to 50m are wrapped in rolls for printing.
  • Thickness: 110mg, 120mg, 130mg, 160mg
  • Resolution: 600dpi to 1200dpi
  • Classification:
  • According to characteristics: The PP decal is divided into 2 types: PP printing with glue and non-glue PP printing:

Printing decal PP with glue used to paste as PP poster printing, PP printing, printing PP rolling format, printing sticker, printing PP promotion glass stickers, printing PP decorative stickers in the house …
Printing non-glue PP sticker for mounting standee such as printing standee, printing PP bandron, printing PP with banner …

  • According to the purpose of use: Depending on the purpose of using PP decal is also divided into 2 types of outdoor PP printing and outdoor PP.

In particular, PP printing in the house often has bright colors, sharp but the ability to withstand sun and rain is not good. So have to cover a layer of translucent lamination or rolling the ball to protect. For PP printing indoors, users should avoid leaving them in damp and direct sunlight.
Outdoor PP printing is also suitable for outdoor exhibition events. The product is highly durable, printed with oil ink, so its resistance to sun and rain is very good. However, the colors will not be as bold as in-house PP printing, but in return it is very honest and sharp.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of decal PP

Advantages: PP decal paper with smooth, smooth surface, good ink for high definition images should be widely used in printing posters, banners, pictures …
Disadvantages: PP PP has the disadvantage of not being able to peel off all the glue because it is very strong. In addition, PP is a paper and plastic material, so it is easy to absorb water and cannot absorb high humidity.