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  1. Event organization:
  • Groundbreaking, groundbreaking, inauguration, opening ceremony;
  • Music shows, Liveshow, Gameshow, press conferences, seminars, conferences;
  • Ceremony to celebrate, celebrate, draw, launch …
  • Set up art repertoire and manage the team of artists participating in the event (MC, singer, model …)
  1. Communication – PR:
  • Advice and ideas for events;
  • Introduction, brand promotion, product promotion (press conferences, customer conferences …);
  • Design, script writing, program production;
  • Consulting and implementing online communication on social networks, websites, SEO, Google Adwords …;
  • Consulting and implementing PR strategy;
  • Consult and implement traditional communication through newspapers, television, street visuals (bandroll, vertical lines …).
  1. Provide event organizing equipment:
  • House of space rig, singapore house;
  • Stage, aluminum – stainless space rig;
  • LED display, projection screen, projector, LCD TV, LED;
  • Tools from the public, earthquake, opening, inauguration;
  • Mobile party equipment.
  1. Advertising and printing on all types of materials
  • Printing fonts, large-format canvas;
  • Offset print;
  • Print billboards;
  • Other printing products (business cards, invitations, leaflets, catalogs, …).

Our company believes in Prestige – Quality – Service to make N&A brand. We hope to continue to receive the cooperation and support in terms of Event, Media, Advertising … from partners as well as customers to service and style of service of Kinh North is getting better.

Beijing Business, reach perfection!

Wensite: http://kinhbac.vn

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