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Industrial mold

Industrial mold is a type of mold used to press, cast … into a product, the mold is installed in the compaction system, pressing materials, when using molds, it can create thousands of perfect products. When using iron mold, it is durable.

Processes for making iron molds.
1, Choose iron type. Iron has many types of iron prescribed by each country eg Vietnam often uses CT symbol, China MSK. MK …
2, Mold design
Often designed on NX Cam Siemen, Solid Word … these software when designing generated code coefficients for CNC machines to work, especially generate Code for the operating system Fanux for CNC.
3, Cut iron according to the required form.
4, Process of turning lathe, grinding ball, beveling material (Iron).
5, CNC Machining (There are two CNC machining systems set up by hand normally on Fanux operating systems, and CNC automatically by code from Solid Word or NX Cam …).
6, Close the mold.
The process of fitting the mold cover with the core,.
7, Check the accuracy and quality of mold after machining.
8, Export goods after customer test good mold products.