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Preparations to complete the biotechnology laboratory

Biotechnology is one of the branches of research on the biological characteristics of cells, bacteria, animal cells, plant cells, research to provide the best solutions to problems related to health. human health, animal or crop yields, agricultural productivity solutions…
The importance in biotechnology, especially in agricultural output, technology has met many criteria of quality as well as output in agriculture.
The importance of research in health and medicine has provided solutions to improve the life of the community.
Improve product quality, produce a variety of products.
Storing plant genetic resources, improving the quality of crops and livestock in agriculture.
The disadvantages of biotechnology will create significant changes in the genetic resources created over many generations, reducing the original genetic resources, the original genes of plants or animals. Thereby affecting human health when using too many genetically modified products.

The technology department serves the local agricultural industry.

Phuong Dong Biotechnology Laboratory was born to conduct research and conserve plant genetic resources and local environment. Provide effective solutions, improve the value and quality of crops as well as the output of local agricultural products. Solutions to increase the value of local agricultural products.

Phuong Dong Lab.