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Producing and creating entertainment games

Producing and creating entertaining games is one of our typical products. With the creativity of graphics, we design many game products that are diverse and rich in content.

Especially games for students, games with high educational nature, do not take much time for students.
Adult game with rich content does not take much time. Game content does not cause too much passion and does not take much time.

The product is designed by us to be a cross-platform application, with step by step bringing the product to a wide range of users. The product is developed on multiple platforms, so it is easy for you to use, suitable on all multimedia devices.

With the goal of educational development, we always give criteria for products, always friendly to gamers, suitable for all ages. Friendly bright graphics.

Products are available at https://slandvn.com, http://game.alekima.com

In addition, we also process games and design graphics for some companies in Vietnam and other countries.
We hope that our products will be of use to you.

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