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At the present time we still do not know exactly: Whether or not the extraterrestrial life, while the doctrine and witnesses they claim to confirm they met with strange objects and contact aliens.
The earth’s historical doctrines also claim that civilizations and human signs have a contribution to the help of aliens.
In the last few days scientists have received alien radio signals 1.5 billion light-years away from us.
In the vast universe, it is certain that we do not have life alone. Evidence of life on Mars and fossils on Mars … Therefore the theories about alien life are purely a logical thing.
Life can exist in different environments so there is a cell structure and elements that constitute life in a particular environment.
Evidence of aliens and mysteries of flying saucers …
On the journey to find extraterrestrial life, people encounter some phenomena that are still a mystery to science. One of them is FRB (Fast radio burst) – fast and powerful radios, believed to come from a mysterious place in the universe, even an alien work.
In fact, science has caught a lot of FRB. However, only one of them has a repeat rule – that is FRB 121102 in September 2018. Thus we can first trace the source of the signal.
And recently according to the BBC, the science has found a repeating FRB for the second time.
“Until now, only one iterative FRB is known,” – said Ingrid Stairs, an astrophysicist from the University of British Columbia (Canada).
Discovering a repeating FRB shows that out there they may be more popular than we thought. And as they appear more and more, we can solve one of the most difficult puzzles about the universe: that is what created FRB, and where they came from. “
This signal was named FRB 180814.J0422 + 73, and it appeared from August 2018. It repeats about 6 times, and signals are obtained by the CHIME Astronomical Observatory (Canada). In total, CHIME receives 13 FRBs, including this repeating signal.
The most surprising thing about science is the effectiveness of the CHIME observatory. It hasn’t even worked at full capacity, but the results have been great.
With FRB 121102, thanks to its repetitive rules, science can be traced back to origin. It is a galaxy 3 billion years away from us. And because the signals are polarized, it seems that FRB 121102 has passed a very large magnetic field.

CHIME Astronomical Observatory (Canada)

And FRB 180814.J0422 + 73, its origin is a galaxy 1.5 billion light years away from us. However, we still do not know what created FRB 121102, as well as other non-repeater FRB signals. This time too, but the experts emphasized some interesting points.
First, CHIME is a state-of-the-art observatory, with the task of tracking down FRBs in the Northern Hemisphere, just as ASKAP in Australia is doing in the Southern hemisphere.
Second, with CHIME and ASKAP, we can build a huge data source for repeater FRB signals. Gradually, it is easier to trace the origin and identity of each signal.

“Maybe a bunch of matter, like the remains of a supernova explosion,” said Cherry Ng, an astronomer from the University of Toronto. “Or it could be in a giant black hole in the center of the galaxy.”
According to Naidu, we will need more new observations in the future to get a clearer view of the FRBs.