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Star Aniseed in Vietnam

Star aniseed is a plant grown in Vietnam, southern China, northern India, southern France.
Star anise is of Mediterranean origin. Flower star anise in Vietnam was brought by the French to grow since the 18th century in the North of Vietnam to exploit essential oil and this place has the climate and the soil is very suitable for star anise and gives out quality essential oil The best star anise in the world.
Currently Lang Son province in Vietnam is grown the most with thousands of Ha (about 40,000 Ha) and gives the best quality and fragrance. The star flowers of Lang Son are judged by French and Canadian experts who are said to be the best stars in the world.
Stars are popular in many countries around the world such as India, countries in the Middle East, France, Russia, Canada … Also customers often buy star anise materials of Vietnam.


Star anise flowers are often used as raw materials for flavoring additives, industrial additives, perfume industry, thawing agents, anti-influenza drugs because of the chemical composition Taminflue … Star aniseed is discovered Recently used to prepare drugs against H5N1 in humans.

Effect of killing bacteria, treating muscle pain, muscle contraction …

Using food flavoring widely all over the world, using as spices for food, especially Middle Eastern countries often use as flavoring for dishes, deodorant incense, decoration …

Ecological characteristics of the Star anise sentence.

  • Tree height: 15m to 20m woody
  • Tree sutra: 20cm to 50cm.
  • Leaves: Single, smooth.
  • Fruit: 8-pointed star. Each wing is 8cm long.
  • Fruit color: Yellow, pleasant scent.
  • Living environment: Climate is temperate and monsoon.
  • Output: 4 million tons / year.
    The components:
  • Anisatine: 0%;
  • Essential oil content: 98%
    Packaging standards:
  • Packing: 10kg to 20kg / box.
  • Humidity: + _ 13% max.
  • Impurities: 5%;
  • Breakage rate: 8%;
    Enterprises processing and supplying star anise flowers in Vietnam.
    Afolex, The Starcraft Company of Lang Son, Tam Anh Joint Stock Company, Sanex Vietnam Company.
    Star anise flowers are mainly harvested manually by farmers and are mainly sold to small businesses in China at high prices.
    Star aniseed in Lang Son is an economic strength of Lang Son province in Vietnam, in recent years, the government has promoted investment and reinvested to develop Sao Hoi flower for export.