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History of mobile phone technology development

Currently mobile phones are nothing strange for everyone, especially many young people tend to favor the generation of smart phones.
The development history of the phone developed very quickly, March 10, 1876 is called a milestone of the history of telephone technology. The first inventor of the phone was Alexander Graham Bell, a first step in the telecommunications and telecommunications industry that opened a new era of communications, replacing the previous telegram.

In June 1876, the device was first used in the Contennial Exposition exhibition in Philadelphia. In the first stage, the phone is designed quite stylishly and sophisticatedly with two features: there are two heads, a tube to speak and a tube to listen to and only the rich can afford to own them.
Next is the development of some other forms of phones such as phone booths (but unfortunately, it is now only symbolic on movies), phones in cars (this is a phone model approaching “mobile” function, it is compact and can be attached to a car, very convenient for users at the time.

Launched in 1967, called Carry phone, Carry phone is considered to be the first mobile phone, a step closer to the first mobile phone model. However, although it is called mobile, users always have to carry a large box of machine that is looming and weighs 4-5 kg ​​like a suitcase, while the price is not cheap to make this product eventually Also not widely available.
And the important day that marked a breakthrough in the history of world phone came on April 3, 1973, the day that Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first call from a mobile phone. mine. At that time, no one walking on Sixth Anvenue in New York City (USA) could recognize the big, rough block with the exact shape of a brick with a weight of nearly 1kg in Martin’s hand is the precursor to modern “crickets” today. Later, the device was recognized as the world’s first mobile phone, dubbed the Motorola Dyna TAC and of course Martin Cooper was considered the father of mobile phones. The cost of creating the Motorola Dyna TAC at that time was about 3,500 USD and was officially released 10 years after the first historic call with a retail price of nearly 4,000 USD.
Since then, over 40 years of existence and development, mobile phones have become more and more popular and indispensable in human life. They are constantly being changed, improved in technology and style. The leading mobile brands in the market such as Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola …

Especially in 2007, Apple has “unveiled” the iPhone phone, this birth marks the creative breakthrough in style with the features of a super-sensitive touch screen to help users can Easy operation just by “gliding” your fingers lightly. Iphone has created an unprecedented fever and officially started the race for fierce competition in the smartphone segment (smartphone).
Thus, it is certain that in the near future, the race between mobile phone companies will become increasingly fierce and unpredictable because they are always actively exploring, innovating and innovating to produce models. The phone, which is currently a smartphone with strange shapes (such as plasticity that can bend or fold into parts that are expected to hit the market in 2017) and the features are getting better and better. additionally to give users maximum convenience with the motto: the world shrinks in the palm.

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