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International Trade

The current practice of trading between countries in the world has shown that the trend of global trade liberalization and the role of international trade is increasingly important for the growth in the economies of countries. participation.

International trade has become an important area for countries to participate in the division of labor as well as expand the world market and develop the domestic economy of the countries participating in trade. international.

International trade today does not only bring meaning not to trade, but it is an element of international distribution of labor, work, technology … internationally.
International trade is considered a premise for a domestic economic development factor of participating countries and optimization of internationally competitive products and technological development of companies engaged in international trade. highly professional and specialized.

International trade is the process of exchanging goods, services, technology, jobs, labor … between countries through trade, cooperation, technology transfer … to reduce business investment costs and increase business profit.


International trade is considered an economic process and is considered an economic sector. With a sector of the economic development process, it is understood that a commercial and economic process is carried out from macro to micro to market survey and international trade market development, circulation distribution. specific goods, consumer goods, culture of the geographical area … take place on a large scale and faster. International economic and trade sector is a highly specialized, organized sector, with assignment, cooperation in technology transfer, labor, infrastructure, investment capital, goods production organizations …

International trade is of interest to the participating countries because the participating countries are distributed and developed with a large market of sales and production in larger quantities, developing more diversified items than more with the comparison of consumer products with increased competition in the international market.

International trade urges countries to participate in efforts to develop goods and technology to increase competition rates and improve product quality to survive in the international market, it has a direct impact on producers. export in countries participating in the international trade market, from which businesses promote the strengths of the market and the potential of the country in which the business is doing business.

Businesses participating in exchange of labor, science and technology through labor cooperation and technology transfer increase the process of technology development and labor skills of workers … Besides trade Internationally promoting the linkage process, the economy between the participating market countries is getting more and more tight, which helps stabilize the economic – political situation of countries participating in national trade. sacrifice.

International trade increases people’s living standards, creates more jobs and increases productivity in the economy, contributing to stabilizing economic security, in addition to international trade contributing to increasing capital resources. invest, expand international relations.