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Introducing Phuc Long printing company in Vietnam

Phuc Long Company is a professional company in the field of printing, advertising construction, event organization in Vietnam:

You are looking for partners to serve, long-term cooperation, prestige, quality, fast, cheap …
Phuc Long QC Company is pleased to serve you, we specialize in printing large format canvas, cheap hiflex tarpaulin printing in Hanoi, IN DECAL, DECAN CHEAP PRICE, IN DECAL PP IN HANOI, PRINTING DECAL, DECAL IN PRINTING GLASSES, STANDEE PRINTING, PRINTING BACKLIT FILM, OUTDOOR DECAN PRINTING, PRINTING PP PRINTING – FOMEX PRESSURE, DECAL DECORATION, PRINTING LARGE SCREENING, ADVERTISING SEA DECORATION, DECAL DECORATION, PRINTING DECAL NETWORK – DECAL AUTOMOBILE, DECAL CARS BUYS TRUCK, Proud to be a unit with many years of working experience, modern machines with a lot of machines always meet the time and supply enough for large orders, high quality High quality, ensuring excellent sharpness. Especially when you come to us, we will receive the cheapest IN DECAL price in Hanoi, with orders from 1000m2 or more, we will have very special incentives for customers. With modern machine system, professional staff will satisfy you. YOU NEED IN DECAL, CHEAP DECAL IN HANOI, PP DECAL IN, DECAL IN, DECAL PRINTING, DECAL AUTOMOBILE, IN DECAL NETWORK …
Please go to Phuc Long QC. PRESTIGE – QUALITY – CHEAP PRICE, hotline: 008494-125-7999
email: quangcaophuclong@gmail.com, website: http://adinbat.com
Ensure cheap, fast construction, good quality, full quantity, right taste, criteria and requirements.

Bring high economic efficiency to customers.

Our company :

+) Having a large staff, many years of experience, working professionally 24/24.

+) Good and modern machines imported in Japan to operate the drive help to run on schedule.

+) Quality materials, good durability, being imported in large quantities at the factory, make the product price cheaper and more competitive.

+) Execute quickly, beautifully, as required, on schedule of handing over the work.

+) Attentive service, dedicated 24 / 24h. (including Sunday, public holidays …)

+) Low cost, with criteria for taking profits.

+) Free delivery to take place in Hanoi city.

With the criteria of the company will certainly satisfy customers.

 In principle – Large Inkjet printing works similar to a desktop color inkjet printer. Just a few simple steps to load the file and a few minutes of waiting is the product. The only difference is because of the size and the specificity of the service.
Large format inkjet printer with an important part such as the heart of the machine is a nozzle system – determines the resolution and sharpness of printed images, and in combination with ink the material will form Final quality of publications.

In order to improve the competitiveness in the advertising printing market, diversify the publications provided with the desire to contribute to the market of better quality products. Our company has invested in a modern large format digital printer system, fast speed and beautiful image quality, Phuc Long inkjet printing has been a printing partner for many advertising and public companies. trading company in and out of the city.

Today, it is easy to see that Hiflex banners dominate in outdoor advertising is also due to the wide print size, can be easily affixed to create tens of square meters banner while ensuring the accuracy of the image .

  • With high quality Hiflex inkjet printer, Print at Phuc Long Company can create high quality and high quality printing products with reasonable price. Therefore, hiflex printing is more popular and widely used.
  • Hiflex printing technology has good heat resistance and high durability. Besides, because hiflex price is quite suitable, today, many advertising events, signs, banners are printed with this material, combined with advanced inkjet technology.
  • Many large format printers and skilled staff so customers can pick up goods quickly.

In addition, the company also receives inkjet advertising on many different materials such as pp, decal of all kinds, silk fabric, backlit film to meet the needs of a variety of customers. We hope to receive positive support from customers.

FOR ALL DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: TRUONG PHUC 008494-125-7999 – 0084462 927 947
Website: http://adinbat.com/trang-mau/

Look forward to cooperation and service.