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Ping Backlink PHP Code

PHP code used to Submit backlink for you to do SEO, you can download this code and use APPSERV or XamP to run it.
If you have conditions to use Sharecode.vn Hosting to run very well for this CODE, the actual cost for hosting is not high. If you buy a host for 1 year, it will cost about 8000 VND / day to buy vegetables, so don’t hesitate to invest in your effective work.
When you use the host, the feature of calculating high scores on search engines.

Installation part:

Please download and extract and pase to the specific root directory, www folder of the host or XAMP, APPSERV (Read more about installation). Then run the file, so it’s ok.

Note that when Ping backlink, you should not abuse this feature too, if you overuse this feature without SEO effort, it will be marked, so you will be easily searched by website search engines. yours, so you guys become Coc Coc. When you are done, you can ping. Especially it only works to burn candles (SEO by Happy Brithday algorithm – University of Chicago – I can also share SEO documents in detail according to this algorithm and the Algorithm of Radiation Elements on the root directory due to I have created and successfully applied in the years 2012 to 2016 – You can contact to buy documents with me by phone number: 0986 423 893 – 0918 489 523).

You use and add more links that ping it to allow clinging to it. Mr Hoang wishes you success and work effectively.
Link download: https: //sharecode.vn/source-code/code …