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Vietnamese Ao Dai, Introduction Moc Moc Store

Vietnamese Ao Dai is a beautiful traditional cultural tradition, one of the beautiful fashion and cultural symbols of Vietnamese people.
Ao Dai has a long history and has been inspired by many designers to create melon on Vietnamese Ao Dai.
Ao Dai is an innovative form of the old Vietnamese bodywear worn with long pants, the shirt is covered with a covert from the neck to the knees or the feet. Austria for both men and women. Dresses are often worn in many festivals, important holidays.
Miss Vietnamese competitions mostly have to wear ao dai in the costume competition of ethnic groups in beauty contests in Vietnam and internationally.
Vietnamese Ao Dai is also known as modern dress or Lemur 1934 Ao Dai.
Introduction of Moc Moc Ao Dai with many beautiful and very famous designs in Vietnam, the designs are of classic style and Vietnamese prototype. Moc Moc shop has many models that are highly appreciated in many fashion design dresses. These designs are suitable for all ages.
Come to your store, you will have the best choice.

Moc Moc Ao Dai
Address: Shop Moc Moc Ao Dai Hung Tien administrative area Doan Hung town, Phu Tho province of Vietnam.
Phone: 0084965590381