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The world’s largest flower species

According to statistics, the largest flower belonging to the scientific name is Amorphophallus titanum, which is a rare species that lives in Indonesia’s rainforest.

This flower is scientifically known as Amorphophallus titanum, it is also known as the giant, growing and growing scavenger flower on Sumatra island, Indonesia. Worldwide, this species has been blooming 150 times less since it was discovered more than 100 years ago, according to Sandi Rutkowski, information director for OSU’s School of Arts and Sciences.

This flower also has the same stems and roots as other normal flowers. By the time the flowers bloom, it will become a giant purple flower, but it will give off a stench, flowers bloom only for a few days and then disappear. When the flower fades, it continues to stink like a rotten day without washing or a decaying corpse, so it has a name that is hard to hear “scavenger flower”. When the flowers are blossoming, the smell becomes stronger to attract flies or beetles to pollinate.

In 2003, the height record of Amorphophallus titanum was 2.74m recorded at the Botanical Garden of Bonn University (Germany). This record was also recorded in Guinness later. Until 2005, also in Germany, in Stuttgart, it was noted that the height of another flower of the same type was up to 2.94m. Until 2010, the record was broken at Winnipesaukee orchids in Gilford, New Hampshire, USA when the flower reached a height of 3.1m and this is the latest Guinness record of the tallest flower in the world.

Although it gave off a stench, it was a very beautiful flower when it bloomed. Flowers rarely bloom and are difficult to grow, and often take up to 6 years to grow, even when hatched it only hatches for 3 days. It is also because of that that when it blooms, many visitors have to line up to see and record the rare moment of flowers, but the stench of it really makes people feel scared.