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The development of information technology in human life today

The rapid development of information technology has changed the world since the early 1990s, the information technology industry has changed our lives markedly and is a tool to solve many jobs. A tool that makes people get closer to Internet-based applications and server systems around the world.

The development of the highest information technology is the generation of smart phones with AI artificial intelligence technology that makes life more convenient and smart than ever. They developed 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G generations that made the access speed of devices using AI technology become faster and smarter.
Since then, automated robots technologies to share information and automate work in factories, software development reaches the level of intelligence that people in the 1970s and 80s can hardly imagine.

With that development since the 1990s has been a tool for many underground organizations – which IT people often call DEEP WEB or DARK WEB or “UNDERGROUND WORLD – THIRD WORLD” … they used Virtual servers, real servers to perform legitimate and illegal jobs …

In the development of information technology has made the economy of the human race boom, because of its ability to solve its work.
It has made the economy of many countries develop rapidly. The rate of labor workers in the field of information technology is used with high salary. Since then technology has solved a number of quick and convenient jobs.

Its danger gives us psychological insecurity, extortion, hacking, intimidation, unrest … by underground forces in that virtual world.
That virtual world is always the land and the playground for highly qualified people, from which they have a certain power in that world by their very advanced tools and knowledge. It is a playground for those with high levels of computing, electronics … They always uphold the level and level in that world and never give up. So there are threats, extortion and criminal acts.
Underground data system is more than 80% on Internet system.

In fact, the world of INTERNET is already a 3rd world in the Virtual world or the underground world makes our lives more and more far away from the present river. There are GAME addicts who are addicted to social networks. So make us immersed in a virtual society …

When using tools and using social networks or virtual worlds, you don’t let yourself go too far into that world and are not dominated by certain data or information, but you can assign analyzing and studying the accuracy of such information. Or you don’t care.

You should go for a walk and participate in other physical activities and should not be too absorbed in that underground world. Having fun.

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