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Sustainable biotechnology development with biodiversity system.

I – The impacts of the environment, people… affecting agriculture and natural ecosystems.
1, The impacts of humans and the natural environment on biological systems.
Environmental impacts include: Natural disasters – Storms, floods, fires, droughts, regions with extreme climates, global climate change.
Global climate change has very serious effects on ecosystems on a large scale, especially biological populations that gradually disappear, move, or produce a different development system to adapt. adapt to change.
The impact of humans on the natural environment is a serious and direct consequence, the movement of plant and animal species in the ecosystem takes place at the fastest time speed, under the influence of the host human. weakly cutting down, burning, causing fires in the ecosystem, exploiting the ecosystem completely, chemically treating for the improvement of soil quality, biological ecosystems shrinking and disappearing rapidly, causes serious environmental consequences on earth. With the rapid industrial development of many countries, it has caused serious pollution of the land, water and air environment, which is also the main cause of global climate change… lose many biological populations, reduce biodiversity as well as cause serious consequences for human health.
2, The impact on agriculture.
Agriculture is affected the fastest and most directly because agricultural production now more or less depends on the natural environment such as soil, water and air, temperature… While the quality of the soil is degraded. , polluted water and air reduce the quality and output of agricultural products, because of that, people have sought to improve the soil, use chemical technology… to improve the quality of the soil. Because of that, the ecological environment, the quality of soil, water and air become more and more seriously affected.

II- The economic development based on the natural environment and the application of technology in the development of a sustainable agricultural economy.
The current development of the agricultural economy has been improved by the use of agricultural mechanization to increase the output of agricultural products as well as the quality to be satisfied, reducing labor force, reducing human resources operating in the agricultural sector. agricultural production sector. The future trend is to fully automate the agricultural economy. Currently, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has been applied to agricultural production.

  • Producing and processing agricultural products with applied technology.
    It is an effective solution in today’s agricultural economy. The application of mechanization and automatic technology has now helped the agricultural industry develop strongly.
  • Applying technology to agricultural product processing.
    One of the solutions to improve the value of agricultural products with high economic value, especially the agricultural sector has the capacity to supply raw materials for processing zones, or mobile processing in raw material areas.
    For example, the solution of processing and drying agricultural products in all raw material areas has brought great benefits to the centralized processing of agricultural products, reducing the operating costs of fixed processing zones, and reducing production costs. It is the CDV ECO dryer system that is applied and registered exclusively for production. Production costs are reduced by up to 70% compared to fixed agricultural product processing factories, especially reducing the cost of building warehouses, yards, factories…
  • Biotechnology.
    The application of biotechnology to the production and protection of genetic resources in the agricultural industry creates a large and rapid agricultural output, shortens the planting time, and has a high survival rate. Oriental Biology Laboratory with the motto: Creating sustainable value for agricultural products, keeping the ecological balance of the original genetic resources. With the expectation of creating sustainable high value and output in the agricultural industry and preserving the original genetic resources in the biodiversity system. Research and environmental impacts, genetic resources with the impact of the environment, human impacts on the natural ecosystem.
    II – Processing solutions to increase the value of agricultural products (Current situation and future).
  • Solutions for processing agricultural products, improving the quality of agricultural products based on technology to optimize production costs.
  • Applying biotechnology in gene conservation of plant varieties in order to develop the quality of agricultural products and limit the products of genetic mutations in plants.
  • Applying information technology in agricultural production development. The processing machine system applies AI, automation…
  • Applying information technology in agricultural production, helping to manage economic data, weather, monitoring crop growth cycle, handling production and irrigation systems…
  • Biochemical technology: Biochemical technology helps to quantify product quality, analyze the impact on the actual state of the product, to be safe and healthy for users. Biochemical technology helps research to make the product’s waste into the environment more friendly. For example: Biochemical technology can quantify the decomposition time of packaging when it is out in the environment…
  • Marketing solution: As the most necessary solution for the distribution of agricultural products, this is very important but often overlooked by some developing countries. In order to bring agricultural products into the business ecosystem and global supply chain, marketing research in agriculture is especially important, in addition to product quality.

IV – Applying technology to the production and processing of agro-forestry-fishery products.
Drying technology:
Filtering technology:
Environmental biochemistry technology.
Waste treatment technology after production.

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