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Paphiopedilum has about 80 species in the world.
There are about 14 species in Vietnam
Scientific name: (Orchidaceae), Paphiopedilinae
A beautiful and rare flower, now many people grow and enjoy this beautiful flower. Flowers have a picture of Asian female feudalism.
In Vietnam, comedy orchids live in the northern rocky regions of Vietnam, the south of China, the Guangxi, Yunnan, Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian and Pacific islands.
Vietnam has about 14 comedy species such as Thai (Paphiopedilum appletonianum), beautiful comedy (Paph. Bellatulum), comedy (Paph. Callosum), comedy (Paph. Concolor), pink comedy (Paph. Delenatii), comedy white (Paph. emersonii), comedy (Paph. gratrixianum), dwarf comedy (Paph. helenae), northern comedy (Paph. henryanum), harmony (Paph. hiepii), fur (Paph. hirsutissimum), beard ( Paph. Parishii), happy purple (Paph. Purpuratum) and yellow comedy or comedy (Paph. Villosum). But many species are hunted and threatened with extinction.

The name of the genus Paphiopedilum was proposed by Ernst Hugo Heinrich Pfitzer in 1886; it originates from Paphos (a city on the island of Cyprus) and from ancient Greek pedilon means “comedy, slippers”. The irony is that no Paphiopedilum orchid species lives on Cyprus – at least according to current distribution. But for a long time people have mixed species in this genus with their close relatives, Cypripedium, in fact there are species in the Mediterranean region. Paphiopedilum was recognized as a valid genus in 1959, but the use of scientific nomenclature was limited to species in East and Southeast Asia.

Paphiopedilum has been divided into many subdivisions, and then into sections and segments: