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Japan – The land of the rising sun is not only famous for Cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji but also a cradle of a unique and diverse culture with friendly, hospitable people and advanced science. .

Country, economy and people of Japan
Japan in Chinese means “Sun”, so Japan is called the land of the rising sun. With an area of ​​nearly 400,000 square kilometers, stretching from the coast of Okhotsk in the north to the south of the East Sea of ​​China. The East borders Korea and Russia, giving Japan a favorable trade position. In particular, Japan is also the country with the most island in the world with nearly 7,000 islands, including the 5 largest and most inhabited islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and Okinawa.

Because of its location on the Pacific belt, the Japanese climate is temperate, with 4 distinct seasons and beautiful nature, fertile trees, lush greenery, rich and diverse plants. Therefore, it is not natural that Japan is ranked among the Top 10 most beautiful countries in the world.

However, it is because of this terrain that Japan suffers from hundreds of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis every year. Because of these natural disasters, the country of Japan seemed to be wiped from the map. But with a strong, determined and determined will, the people of this country joined hands to build and maintain their homeland.

Suffering from many natural disasters, scarcity of natural resources and minerals, but Japan has always been a world leader in science and technology, ranking the second in the world in terms of gross domestic product and standing. 5th in the world in defense investment. Not only that, Japan also ranked 4th in the world in terms of exports and ranked 6th in the world in terms of imports. This country is a permanent member of the United Nations Organization. So what reason has made Japan so strong, solid and resilient?

Those are Japanese people. Learning is not only curious, sensitive to foreign culture and studious. They also have a high collective consciousness, aesthetic and natural creativity, always respect the hierarchy, status (this is the Japanese custom). If you can use 5 words to talk about Japanese people, that is: NEED – SMART – SAVE – Loyalty – HIGH RESPONSIBILITY. Thanks to such virtues, Japan can achieve outstanding achievements like today. Japanese people are a shining example for the whole world to enlighten and study.

Japanese people attach great importance to learning and learning from the actual work they are doing. The literacy rate in Japan is almost 100%, the unemployment rate is also very low. In particular, they are very aware of their property and cultural protection, so Japan is one of the countries with the most traditional occupations.

Culture and customs
The Japanese attach great importance to greetings, no matter where they are, any situation that is good for any person, they express themselves as polite and respectful of rituals. This is a good practice of Japanese people. Not only that, Japanese people also attach importance to relationships related to hierarchy, status as parents – children, wife – husband, master – I ….

The culture of greeting Japanese people with traditional Kimono costumes – Bow but not low
The culture of greeting Japanese people with traditional Kimono costumes – Bow but not low

Like all countries in the world, Japan also has National Costume, which is KIMONO. Depending on age, gender and status, the colors of Kimono are strictly controlled. But basically it must be fresh, light, fresh, original colors that are not too colorful.

Traditional Japanese sports are Sumo, but the majority of Japanese people love Baseball more. In addition, martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Kendo, Aikido are also derived from Japan.

Gift giving is a central part of Japanese culture. For Japanese people, giving gifts has become a habit, an indispensable ritual in their daily lives. Gift giving is seen as a way to show love and respect for each other and to identify social relationships. Therefore, if they give you gifts, do not refuse, but please happily accept and give them back a gift.

The Japanese are very considerate in traditional rituals, greeting, eating, ways of shoes, apologizing, thanking, or drinking tea, etc. all follow the rituals and principles. However, this is not confined to foreign guests, but you still have to pay attention to not offend Japanese people.

In addition, trams and fish markets also contribute a significant part to Japan’s modern culture.

The culinary culture of Japan is extremely rich and diverse. It can be said that very few countries in the world have sophisticated cuisine like those of Japan.

For them, cuisine not only filled the abdomen but also a cultural beauty, is an artistic sky.

Sushi, tea ceremony and cakes made from rice flour are the main feature of Japanese culinary culture. In addition, they also have snakehead fish salad, basashi (raw horse meat), cantaloupe, black watermelon and Kobe beef …

Coming to Japan, you will experience a modern and lively living environment mixed with tradition. Joining Japanese cultural, fashion and culinary activities is the dream of many people. Come to Japan to travel, live and work if you have the opportunity.