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Introduce the products of Alekima Dos COM

Alekima Dos Com is in the software, Website, Interface (manufacturer) on Internet platforms, producing Plugin for WP, WordPress theme, HTML, industrial graphic design and communication, research production rescue technology development, production of cartoons, movies …

In nearly 20 years of experience in the field of media design, Event, industrial design, software production, interface … utilities of communication applications, especially developing internal forces of ideas.

Currently Alekima Dos COM has products such as high-quality animated films, Web site designs, Interface … with high quality and highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers, especially hard customers. As Korean, Chinese, Belarusian, … appreciate the products produced by Alekima Dos COM.

Big brands and big brands used to use Alekima Dos COM products such as: VTC, NAV, VTV, Juchengmo (Representative in Vietnam – Tien Son Industrial Park, Bac Ninh Vietnam), Hoan A International Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch of China National Assembly in Vietnam Juchengmo, Skyway, ABB United States, Korean Doojung in Vietnam (Phu Nghia Chuong My Industrial Park – Ha Tay – Hanoi) with Factory opening ceremony 2009 product design … Government organizations: Hanoi Youth Union, Youth Union, Ministry of Labor, Hanoi Children’s Palace …

It is you who are the motivation for Alekima DOS COM and the pride that Alekima DOS COM has gained and increasingly strives to improve the better products to bring benefits to the community.

In the past years Alekima DOS COM has gone through the ups and downs that few people know, to become a reputable manufacturer and has great partners and partners, Alekina DOS COM has constantly created and given create the best product development ideas for users.

The content of the rich events to promote the brand of customers and promote investment, good trade, Alekima has designed many events of national level such as the program “I love the country in the evening of 2017. ” Of the HANOI Youth Union, but the program and designs for Hanoi’s children for many years, the program” Prevention of child abuse “organized by the Central Youth Union and the Ministry of Labor in June 2019, the Fashion shows … Alekima products partly contribute to the community and are highly educational, bringing the best benefits to the community and society.

Alekima DOS COM is looking forward to using our products and trust in the future. Thank you customers, friends and partners for their support and trusted Alekima DOS COM products.

Sincerely: Alekima DOS COM MR HOANG media representative.