Introduction Corn Noodles of Lang Son Province of Vietnam

Corn is a popular agricultural food, but with the creativity of the farmer, it is transformed into many different dishes. Especially corn noodles are processed into good food and enhance the value of corn noodles. Currently, corn noodles are produced with the technology of sugar tachs for those who lose weight, diet, especially for people with diabetes very well. Lang Son corn noodles are exported to all over the world and are loved.... Read more >>


Manga Drawing art with Alekima

Manga design is one of the arts developed from Japan. Currently this art is applied to drawing comics, works for cartoons. Alekima has applied and used human resources to compose animated films with the best content to give animation new creations. A new animation charactor for anime flim The first stage is all hand-drawing Create by hand All stages are done in the most meticulous manner. With Alekima’s graphic design staff who.... Read more >>

Development history of Japanese Manga style

The history of manga means the history of Japanese manga, starting at the end of the 18th century. Manga (kanji: 漫画, hiragana: ま ん が, katakana: マ ン ガ, Sino-Vietnamese: painting) is a term. Japanese is used to refer to “comic” or “caricature”, literally every word is romantic (漫) – full and graphic (画) – drawing / painting. Historians and authors in manga history are well described and part of.... Read more >>


CHAM VIETNAM’s Services Introduction

Our company CHAM VIETNAM Event equipment rental in which equipment includes: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); LED Screen full size.Stage, stage floor, stage frame (Full on request).The canvas house is staged with space, the canvas is 3x3m, the quantity is not limited.Sound, Light on request (Lighting professional design).Column mats, decorations, balloons, large round umbrellas, balloons, hard gates, steam gates (welcom.... Read more >>


Introducing Habimec Vietnam

Introducing Habimec Vietnam Habimec Vietnam is one of the pioneer companies in Vietnam investing in factory construction, importing equipment, antimicrobial paper production technology and manufacturing medical clothing, industrial factories, and export products. clothing for disease prevention … according to German technology, bringing high efficiency, safety in operation and friendly with the environment. The Habimec Vietnam’s non-woven.... Read more >>


Republic of Russia

Vietnamese: Russia, Soviet Union, Russian Federation. English: Russia (Republic of Russia). Population: 144.5 million (2017). Area: 7,098,246 km² (6,601,670 mi²) is the largest country in the world. Located on two continents Asia and Europe. Russia today is one of the economic and military powers with a long history of science and technology. The Russians are quiet, romantic, fearless, brave, and deeply emotional. History: Experiencing.... Read more >>


The development of information technology in human life today

The rapid development of information technology has changed the world since the early 1990s, the information technology industry has changed our lives markedly and is a tool to solve many jobs. A tool that makes people get closer to Internet-based applications and server systems around the world. The development of the highest information technology is the generation of smart phones with AI artificial intelligence technology that makes life more.... Read more >>


HSK Chinese exam preparation documentary

Vietnamese document link:HSK 1 HSK2 HSK3 HSK 4 HSK5 HSK 5 Part.... Read more >>


INTERFACE WordPress SEO news website, beautiful

Online demo reference: This makes a well-designed, beautifully designed, simple and easy-to-use WordPress interface code for people who are not familiar with WP. Support when you buy the code according to the phone number above. +84918489523 Download theme: Theme Download You see the code I have posted and demo I guide in each code, it does not have different ji, it is just a css correction and.... Read more >>

JUCHENGMO Summary of Vietwater exhibition 2019

Summary of Vietwater exhibition 2019 Asia International Technology Co., Ltd. JUCHENMO (DUY DAN) Thank you for the presence and support of customers for Hoan A Company. Duy Dan Group, a branch in Vietnam, Hoan A International Technology Co., Ltd. has succeeded in Vietwater 2019 exhibition in Hanoi, products are supported by customers and have found more customers. Great cooperation by the outstanding product quality of the group. At the exhibition,.... Read more >>