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Ancient Maya civilization

Maya Ancient

Ancient Mayan civilization is a flourishing civilization of mankind, the collapse of this civilization is a mystery to scientists studying ancient Maya.
The Mayan civilization now has only remnants in Mexico, civilization built by the Mayans of a South American Aboriginal tribe 2000 years ago. Is a civilized with the level of architecture, astronomy and mathematics. The Mayans were annihilated in the 9th century to the 10th century. There were many opinions and their work disappeared.
The Maya has not completely disappeared
Scientists now believe that the Mayans have not disappeared, but civilization and remnants are no longer meaningful to them. According to new statistics, the Mayan people have about 40% of the state of Guatemala who is now of Maya origin. Some live mainly in southern Mexico and the Yacatan peninsula.
Remnants of Maya civilization.
Some large Mayan lands like the city of Palenque and Chichen Itza (Mexico) have been unearthed, although there are still many other cities of Mayan civilization buried underground. It is thought that the remains of Tikal ancient city in Guatemala are still hiding secret temples.
Bloody sport of ancient Mayan people
It is called a Mayan tradition, the arena is built on many Mayan cities as the place where bloody battles between the best members take place. The winners of this match will become a sacrifice for the gods, believing that fighting and sacrifice is a great honor.
Mayans do not believe in the end of the world
After archaeologists found the Mayan calendar, it was assumed that the Mayans marked December 21, 2012 as the end of the world. However, the reality is not so. The Maya believes that the end of the calendar is the starting point for the next 5.125 year cycle.
Cause Maya civilization collapsed is still a mystery
Beginning in the VIII century, the cities of the Maya civilization gradually disappeared. Advanced buildings and many Mayan legacies quickly collapsed. Immigration became widespread, and many Mayans died in these migrations. However, the cause of the Mayan civilization collapse is still unknown.
Some scientists believe that Maya civilization collapsed due to the emergence of invasions. Others said that the population is too high, leading to changes in the climate and the environment is exhausted. Even so, all these judgments are still hypotheses.

Political institutions of ancient Mayan civilization.
The typical Mayan politics are small kingdoms (ajawil, ajawlel, ajawlil) – called the state city, headed by the hereditary tradition – ajaw, later k’uhul ajaw. Maya has 18 states. At the top of these cities is the missionary (the Mayan is called ajaw, later k’uhul ajaw ((translated as King – the head) and these are hereditary fathers. The missionary (holpop) and the Military Advisory Council are responsible for overseeing leaders and national affairs, and for each army, each city is assigned a supreme military commander that the Maya call nacom. Nacom served in the military for three years and was tasked with setting up a military strategy and calling for troops to fight, and the city would send a high-ranking cleric to the ritual and religious system. the teacher, predicting good events for the ruler Maya appointed King batabs and his assistants to accompany the dependent cities and villages in Batabs will organize law enforcement, judicial and legislative affairs, guarantee tribute and supply troops during the war, Batabs presides over the local council (cuch ah cabob), with his assistant (al – kuleloob ) helping people in the state and with the central government.

In Maya, frequent wars in these city states (due to commercial disputes), captured prisoners were often killed for the gods of the Sun and Itzamna, the gods who were deeply embedded in the subconscious. Mayan people and gods of paradise. The King of Maya divided the society into two categories: free people and slaves. Free people include aristocrats, clergy, heads of clans who have many powers. The remaining free population is production workers. Slaves make up a large amount, they do all the heavy work like cutting trees, burning fields, making roads, building temples. The class of Maya merchants specializes in trading and craftsmen craft woodwork, pottery, stone …