Manga Drawing art with Alekima

Manga design is one of the arts developed from Japan. Currently this art is applied to drawing comics, works for cartoons. Alekima has applied and used human resources to compose animated films with the best content to give animation new creations. A new animation charactor for anime flim The first stage is all hand-drawing Create by hand All stages are done in the most meticulous manner. With Alekima’s graphic design staff who.... Read more >>

Development history of Japanese Manga style

The history of manga means the history of Japanese manga, starting at the end of the 18th century. Manga (kanji: 漫画, hiragana: ま ん が, katakana: マ ン ガ, Sino-Vietnamese: painting) is a term. Japanese is used to refer to “comic” or “caricature”, literally every word is romantic (漫) – full and graphic (画) – drawing / painting. Historians and authors in manga history are well described and part of.... Read more >>